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About us

Historically the city of Farrukhabad was established by Nawab Mohd Khan Bangesh in 1713 to honour and please the comtemporary ruler Farrkhusiyyar .Fatehgarh is district headquarter of Farrukhabad. Ma. Kanshi Ram Govt. Degree College Ninowa established in 2009 by Department of Higher Education , Govt. of U.P. with noble aim of imparting education and knowledge in the remotest rural area. The college is at the distance of 1.5 Km. from village Ninowa ,located in vicinity of Central jail, situated on Central Jail- District jail road. The approach road is Chak road from Ninowa to Van Chetna Kendra. The campus area is 2.5 acres. The building is under construction by U.P.Project Corporation Ltd.


Students of any caste,creed or religion from the remotest rural area of Frrukhbad and nearby districts, obtain education and become socially, culturally and economically empowered to lead a dignified and noble life and contribute at their best in the progress story of our new India of 21st Century.



Our college aims to be an educational institution for wholesome development where every student get the best opportunity to develop and strengthen  his/her intellectual ,physical and creative potential to be a mature, honest and responsible citizen  of our great  India.

The institution believes in making Higher Education accessible to the under privileged, socially and economically backward students of rural areas surrounding Farrukhabad and nearby districts.
    The institution aims to avail Higher Education to all students especially to the girl students and thus enhancing and widening the scope for girl’s education.